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Petroliana Gas Pump History

11 Oct

By Susan L. Stern

(Omaha, NE)  —  All the rage! Gas pumps & pretroleum products used at the end of the 19th Century & beginning of the 20th have become an antique collector’s favorite. Forget the swap meets & ebay.  Webers Nostalgia Supermarket & Gas Pump Heaven restores the old and replicates top brand antique gas pumps, parts & accessories that are reminiscent of the glory days in America.

In the 1880s, the Bowser Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana built the first gas pumps which included pumps that could pull fuel from an underground tank. The earliest pumps were not located at gas stations, as we know them today, since back then, there were few. They sat at dealerships, along sidewalks or at curbs.  

These gas pumps sprung up everywhere in the 1920s as  automobile ownership grew in popularity. The first gas pumps were called visible gas pumps, which contained a clear glass cylinder allowing the vehicle owner the ability to see if the gas was clean. Dirty gas contaminated with foreign matter or water was an issue in that era.

How did the electric gas pump work? Gravity & a human hand would pull back and forth a long handle which pumped the fuel from an underground storage tank into the cylinder. Gasoline then flowed from the 8-to-10 feet tall cylinder down the hose into the vehicle.

After the visible gas pump, emerged the electric one known for housing a clock face in the 1930s & globe top with the name of the gas supplier. Like the visible pump, the electric gas pump was made to show the buyer what the fuel looked like using what’s called a sight glass. Electric Gas Pumps were made with a fan inside of it. The early ones calculated the gallons of fuel that went from pump to car. The seller would then compute the price in his head. In the 1930s, 40s & 50s, oil & gas manufacturers made self-computing gas pumps, which stated the price by themselves.                                    

The most sought after antique gas pumps are the ones from the 1930s which show the fuel. Vintage Gas Pumps from the 40s & 50s are also popular, the latter of which are more boxy, yet easy to the eye, as well. 

Editor’s Note: Nostalgic gas station photo (far right) courtesy of the Vintage Gas Station Museum.


Reproduction & Restoration Vintage Gas Pumps

4 Oct

Weber’s Nostalgia Supermarket™, one of the nation’s finest antique gas & oil station restoration companies since 1917 has proudly changed hands. Respected antique gas pump manufacturer Gas Pump Heaven of Omaha, Nebraska acquired Webers in 2010. The acquisition increases the product offerings, backed by exquisite craftsmanship standards of the two best vintage gas station memorabilia manufacturers in America. Gas Pump Heaven & Webers’s Nostalgia Supermarket reproduces classic 1920-1950s collectible gas station memorabilia including old antique gas pumps, signs and other replica oil and gas station advertising. 

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Brand names classic gas pump advertising collectibles that Gas Pump Heaven/Weber’s Nostalgia Supermarket carry are from the 1920s-1950s eras including Gulf, Good Gulf, Texaco Star, Texaco Fire Chief, Texaco Sky Chief, Texaco Marine, Shell, Esso, Pure, Sinclair Dino, Mobil Gas, Mobil Gas Special, Hot Rod Premium, Polly, Blue Sunoco, Chevrolet, Tokheim, Wayne, Bennett, Gilbarco, Martin & Schwartz, National, American, Eco 90 Series, Boyle Dayton, Fry, Rapid Dayton, Bowser, Phillips 66, Conoco, Union 76, Chevron and Indian Motorcyles.

Webers Nostalgia Supermarket offers full-size antique gas pumps reproductions & restorations of classic gas station memorabilia from the 1920s-1950s eras. Choose from brand name classic gas pumps & a hodge podge of Petroliana gas station collectibles that will take you back to the good old American days. Classic gas station reproductions including antique gas station island lights, advertising collectibles including signage, vintage oil company globes – that will make a great addition to your game room, diner, garage, man’s cave, basement or restaurant. Webers Nostalgia Supermarket is a dream store for antique collectors of gas and oil station memorabilia.  

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Acquisition – Old Gas Station Collectibles

23 Sep

ATTENTION. ATTENTION. An acquisition has occurred between two of America’s finest antique reproduction makers of classic gas pumps, island lights, globes & vintage gas & oil advertising signage. Gas Pump Heaven of Omaha Nebraska acquired Webers Nostalgia Supermarket of Texas in 2010. The two household names in the automobilia and petroliana reproduction industries joining together as one – give family-owned Gas Pump Heaven the long-standing international respectability that the Weber’s name espouses. Both companies hold exquisite standards of high craftsmanship and workmanship.

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