About Us

Antique oil & gas station collectors Andy & Diane Anderson of Omaha, Nebraska turned a hobby into an international business. The husband & wife team launched Gas Pump Heaven™ over 3 decades ago, by making parts to restore old fashioned gas pumps. Since then, their nostalgic gas pump, parts, globes, vintage gas & oil station signage reproduction & restoration company has expanded.  Gas Pump Heaven™ is now the world’s premier manufacturer & seller of many officially licensed brands of replica & restored vintage petroliana gas station products – due in part to its acquisition of Webers Nostalgia Supermarket™ – also a fine antique classic gas pump & part maker since 1917.

This purchase Gas Pump Heaven™ allows an industry leader in antique gas station restoration and replication to broaden its customer base worldwide while maintaining high quality design standards that made Webers Nostalgia Supermarket™ a total success!

Visit Gas Pump Heaven now!

Webers Nostalgia Supermarket™
Gas Pump Heaven™
4606 S. 84th St. Omaha, NE 68127
Office: 402-596-1499
Fax: (402) 331-9878


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